Why Shine? Because You Already Do.

As Scott M. Peck writes in the first line of The Road Less Traveled, “Life is difficult.” It’s beautiful, crazy, mundane, warm, confusing, and yes, difficult as well. Life without suffering is not promised, nor has it ever been. When we begin to understand that life is difficult and navigate through that realization with compassion for ourselves (and others), that’s where the magic begins. That is when we realize our inner light never truly dims; and that we are, and have always been beautiful and whole all along.

Each day, all we can do is our best; and you must understand that your expectation of your “best” is not the same as the Universe’s. We ebb and flow with our energy throughout each moment and it’s impossible to give all of yourself all of the time. At times, your “best” might be productivity, high energy, clarity, and checking off all of the boxes on your “to-do” list. Other times, your “best” might be rest, grief, fog and a struggle to check off even just one box. It’s imperative that you (1) understand this (2) accept either scenario as your “best” and (3) find ways to re-calibrate, re-energize, and take care of your physical/mental/emotional health. As you navigate through this webspace, you’ll find some of the ways that I re-calibrate and I hope that you’ll take whatever you need and leave what doesn’t resonate. As humans, our needs are as unique as snowflakes.

If you can find your way into stillness; hang up your hats; take off your coat; remove yourself from all of the roles you play in this life, you’ll see where your infinite spark is. Though the sun may appear to rise and set beyond our horizon, it is still burning and beaming with light; it’s perception that guides our view. And just as the moon moves through phases, so too does our life. There are times where we may feel dim, unseen, and as though we are missing pieces, but we are always whole. And from the deepest depths of your awareness, a light is always flickering inside of you – I promise.

When the shadows lay darkest, remember that you are made of stars. – Tanya Markul

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