The Spark

Make Your Moments Matter

I had every intention of writing about another topic this month, but I just came back from a journey to the Middle East and my inspiration took me down another path. So today, we are going to talk about moments.

I once heard a man’s TedTalk (name and topic are escaping me at the moment) that was centered around moments. How we truly don’t know how many we have left and accepting this unknowable number should give us the drive to make every one matter.

Do you feel that? An unknowing amount of moments. Through this realization, every now and then I’m reminded that the next breath I take could be my last and I stop to wonder, “What do you think about that, Lara?” What am I (and you) doing to really grab each moment by the reigns? To soak in it, embrace it, and be grateful for it no matter the emotions tied to it.

Some days, I do nothing with my moments. I wake up and live out my day in a robotic manner where I cook the same breakfast, wear that same 9-5 get-up, perform the same “How are you?” “Good, you?” rodeo with each person that passes me in the halls – and I never even stop to experience that dance of the day. And then I get to the end and someone asks me how it was and I respond with, “I don’t know.” I really don’t know.

And then there are times like this past week and a half where each day was filled with slow breaths, mindful thoughts, and the most abstract thoughts and feelings within each moment I experienced.

Sun in my face. Wind in my hair. Views of the most gorgeous mountains I’ve ever seen. Hugs with family, new friends, and strangers who I’ll probably never see again. Dancing – oh so much dancing. And each of those moments came at me slow and steady, as not to rush them away. My mind saw the opportunity and rare features of this collection of events and wanted me to get every drop. And I did – oh, I did. So many that it’s going to be hard to go back to that same breakfast. The “how are you?” dance. The same route to work and home everyday.

But do I have to? Do you have to? How can we surround ourselves with more moments like the ones I mentioned above? We don’t have to buy a plane ticket and take weeks off of work to get those little rushes of life. Maybe it’s choosing to take a drive somewhere close by with a great view. Maybe it’s coming home from work, closing my eyes, and breathing those memories of the mountains back into my awareness – like I’m there all over again.

And let’s be real, here. Do I need my 9-5? No. I don’t. But at this moment, it’s what’s calling me. It’s helping me set up for my soon-to-be future where I’ll get to experience life on my own terms and not be tied to a society that tells me the only way to “make it” is to work my ass off until I’m 67 and THEN. Then I can hop on a plane and fly to an unknown place for an unknown amount of time. One that tells me how to dress, talk, and act. A society that is constantly fighting with one another and if I don’t pick a side, I’m a problem on each. It’s important for me to continue in this role until I have learned to shave down to the sculpture of what I really want out of life. Until I have the knowledge under my belt to focus on what is going to make me happy in the workplace and ultimately, in my life. I’m still learning, but I’m almost there.

I’m still figuring out those little details with yoga, but that part of my life isn’t a rush. That’s the magic in it – I get to learn as slowly as I want and I’ll still be able to touch and be touched by others along the way. It’s such a warming and accepting community to be a part of.

So where am I going with all of this? What can you take home from these words that are spilling out of my odd brain?


What moments in your life peel back all of the layers of who you think you are and bring you to this empty space of peace and silence? What makes you smile and warm and full of life? And how can you experience those moments right here, right now? Understand that those are the parts of this life that matter. Understand that life doesn’t always have to be so damn heavy. Balance the heavy with the light, the effort with the effortless. Find those moments because you are not promised them. Nobody is holding on to them for you in hopes that you’ll take advantage of them when the time is right. The time is now because, well, time is limited.

And as you continue to work on making yours matter, so will I. I solemnly promise to do more. To sing and dance more. To laugh more. To connect with others more: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Those are all of the things that matter the most to me and I want to make them matter more.

And on that note, I leave these thoughts to go soak up another moment. I hope you do the same. Until next time, shine on.

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