Yoga has been my refuge for over 10 years. This sacred practice way of living has opened my heart to experiences that are more than words can articulate. I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge with my community, with a student’s heart and a beginner’s mind.

Shine with Lara
is the product of 10 years on my mat and even longer in self-inquiry. I am certified to offer yoga and Reiki to the community, and continue to grow my abilities through embodying an ‘always the student’ mentality.

I gravitate towards teaching Vinyasa (gentle + moderate) and Restorative styles of asana, with an emphasis on breath guiding the way. I am certified in Yoga Nidra, and enjoy leading sessions as a way to promote healing within the more subtle layers of our existence.  I connect most with tantric and classical yogic philosophies and am still finding my way through the texts and teachings; a lifetime’s work, for sure. Most of my classes will include concepts and discussions within these areas of yogic philosophy as a way to honor the ancient wisdom, and to embrace my connection with it.

I strive to share the teachings in a way that is accessible to many bodies and minds, but at the same time, am very much still a student. My goal is to open my arms to every practitioner, allow us to learn and grow together, and encourage those who practice with me to tap into the equanimity they already have residing within.

I’m a partner, sister, daughter, and friend, but at the same time, simply a soul. My personal journey is a continuous one, where I have finally begun to remove everything that comes after ‘I am,’ so I may grow closer to my “I.”

– Mission & Vision –

My mission is to share the practices of yoga, mindfulness, and Reiki through offering experiences that are accessible, affordable, and welcoming to all beings.

My vision is to inspire people to invest in themselves and their communities, find their purpose, and recognize their inner spark so that we may embrace life’s mysteries with compassion and ease.

– Certifications + Trainings –

2017 – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Journey OM Yoga
2018 – Usui Reiki I, The Healing Center Beverly
2019 – Usui Reiki II, The Healing Center Beverly
2019 – Trauma-sensitive Yoga Training, Hands to Heart Center
2019 – Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals, Yogaanatomy.net
2020 – 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, My Vinyasa Practice*
2020 – Clinical Yoga Therapy Program, My Vinyasa Practice (in progress)

*My 300 Hour Training included certifications in Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Adaptive, and Trauma-informed Yoga. I am also fully registered with the Yoga Alliance. Please view my registration here.

– A Little Bit More –

I started practicing yoga over 10 years ago by throwing on a YouTube video because someone told me that yoga was good for you. It was all asana, all of the time, until I walked into a candle-light yoga class and shed some tears in savasana. Despite the layers of my awareness slowly peeling back, I still had this idea in my head that to practice yoga was to be the bendiest practitioner that I could be. Over time, life continues to offer me many opportunities to experience the true embodiment, the equanimity that the practice provides.

Because of this, my practice became softer and more introspective. I’m learning so much more by going within than working out. I separate my fitness practice from my yoga practice so I can put my heart in each of them independently. My yoga is sacred. And the calling to share and teach is as loud as a volcano erupting.

I left my full-time career in Human Resources earlier in 2020 to see if I could balance my love for HR and my passion for yoga in a more sustainable and wholesome way. I’m looking forward to continuing on my journey within the field of Yoga Therapy so I can deepen my own practice and continue helping students and clients establish practices that are tailored to their individuality. I have the privilege and opportunity to do the two things that light me up and I am eternally grateful. My hope is to connect with as many humans as possible in this lifetime and to never stop growing.