March 2021: The Yamas (continued)

Week 1 2.37: asteya-pratisthayam sarva-ratnopasthanamFor those who have no inclination to steal, the truly precious is at hand. From The Art of Living: “Asteya literally means non-stealing. But at the deepest level, Asteya means abandoning the very intent or desire to possess or steal anything—whether it is material, a talent, a relationship, a gift, achievement,… Continue reading March 2021: The Yamas (continued)

February 2021: Kleshas and Yamas

Week 1 The second chapter of the Sutras, Sadhana Pada, continues to add depth to the teachings of self-realization. Patanjali begins with a sutra about yogic action, or kriya, which is a key component to a practice.  From IndiaNetzone: "Sadhana Pada is the second chapter of Patanjali Yoga Sutra, where Patanjali comes down to the… Continue reading February 2021: Kleshas and Yamas

August 2020: The Paths to Yoga

Week 1 Welcome to August, ya’ll! Last month, we explored the surface of what yoga is and some aspects about how this practice began. We’ll dive deeper into each area as the months roll on, so please feel free to go back at any time as a reference point for further discussions. This month, we’ll… Continue reading August 2020: The Paths to Yoga