My mission is to share the practice of yoga and meditation to anyone who feels called to the inquiry, so that together we can embrace all aspects of life’s mysteries and allow ourselves to shine. 

About Me

lara about me

I am a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT® 200) and Reiki II practitioner located in the North Shore of Massachusetts, and offer wellness services that I have created through the foundations of my own personal practice.

I teach a non-lineage style of yoga, pulling inspiration from Hatha and Vinyasa styles of movement, as well as the contemplative teachings of Krishnamacharya. My offerings are open to every level of practitioner, encouraging those who practice with me to tap into the equanimity they already have residing within.

I’m also a partner, sister, daughter, and friend. I am so much more and at the very same time, so much simpler. My personal journey is a continuous one, where I steadily remove everything that comes after, I am so I may grow closer and closer to my Truth.

What Does It Mean To SHINE?

As Scott M. Peck writes, “Life is difficult.” It’s beautiful, crazy, mundane, warm, confusing, and yes, difficult as well. Life without suffering is not promised, nor is it likely in the least. All we can do is our best and continue to grasp the idea that our “best” is subjective and much less difficult than we think it is. Most importantly, we need to navigate through these concepts with compassion: for others, ourselves, and what unfolds as we put one foot in front of the other in this life.

When we fully understand that life is difficult and move through it with compassion, we begin to hear what the Universe is telling us about who we are at our core, which is light. Just as the sun leaves our sight each day; just as the moon’s glow changes each month; so too does our light. But don’t you see? The sun and moon are still there; still whole in their beauty. And you are too. You may move through phases and think you’re tapped out of light, but you have always been whole all along. And from the darkest depths of your awareness, a light is always flickering inside of you – just at a fingertip’s reach.

I am here to share what I do to shine. My shine changes day to day: sometimes in the form of movement, breath, and inquiry; and naps, blankets, and confusion at others. I invite you to take what you need from this space, or learn what you don’t. Wherever you go from here, let the strength of your intuition guide you.

It’s doesn’t mean that you’ll wake up every day like a Disney character, majestically opening the windows to sing to your woodland friends. It means finding what you love, doing what you love, and living intuitively day to day, soaking in as many moments as possible.

Just like the sun and moon, remember your wholeness is ever-present and that spark is always within you- even if you can’t see it.