Class Descriptions

Our bodies love different forms of movement – different tempos, different breath patterns, and different energy levels. I offer my classes in hopes that I may be able to help you figure out what you need. Each class is centered around strength, stability, fluidity, and contemplation. Read below for class descriptions.

Flow and Shine

A powerful practice centered around the body and breath connection. Warm ups focus on the theme of the day and class ends with active and passive stretches to allow an exploration of what’s begun to open up. Movement patterns and postures build heat from the inside out and you are given enough space to inquire within to find your shine off the mat.

Restore and Shine

This practice is centered around gentle movements, pranayama, and specifically chosen poses that we melt into for several minutes to induce an overall experience of deep relaxation. Reiki and essential oils are usually offered at the end of class during savasana. Perfect for any time of day, but especially practiced during evening classes.

Stack and Shine

A fun sequence that draws on areas of all of my classes based on my intuition and intention for the week. After a brief warm up, poses are introduced in a stacking sequence that allows us to build a beautiful breath-linked flow by the end of class. Most classes will lead up to a balancing series or heart opener. Smiles and laughter are encouraged.