Off The Mat

Yoga is not just asana. This space is dedicated to journeying with me through yogic philosophy. Here, you’ll find monthly themes + weekly posts. Posts are based off of my own research + education, so please feel free to call out/in for corrections. I’m still learning too, ya’ll.

March 2021: The Yamas (continued)

Week 1 2.37: asteya-pratisthayam sarva-ratnopasthanamFor those who have no inclination to steal, the truly precious is at hand. From The Art of Living: “Asteya literally means non-stealing. But at the deepest level, Asteya means abandoning the very intent or desire to possess or steal anything—whether it is material, a talent, a relationship, a gift, achievement,… Continue reading March 2021: The Yamas (continued)

July 2020: What is Yoga?

WEEK 1 Yoga. A word that’s been increasing in familiarity over the last three decades. Pre-pandemic, many U.S. cities were saturated with yoga studios, offering everything from Hot Yoga to Ashtanga Vinyasa to Flow, and all that’s in between. This influx in popularity has created an ever-growing conversation around how much yoga has changed in… Continue reading July 2020: What is Yoga?