With a variety of experience and training (credentials), I am able to offer group classes that can adapt to everyone’s needs. My “flow” classes are gentle to moderate in intensity and are inspired by lineages that aim to meet each student where they are. Restorative classes are gentle and supported by props to aid in each practitioners’ comfort.

Twice Weekly Classes at Reck Fitness in Beverly Massachusetts
Tuesdays at 6:00pm (Slow Flow) – Saturdays at 8:00am (Energy Flow)
Free Week Passes Available to New Students

Monthly Classes Are Available on a Rotating Schedule in my Virtual Studio
Shine with Lara is not involved in creating policies for Moxie XYZ and is not responsible for processing changes to class registrations. Please be sure to read their cancellation and refund policies carefully.

Group classes are a beautiful way of bringing the community together through movement and breath, however I truly believe the magic of yoga is cultivated through the practitioner’s individual journey. The combination of my training, teaching, and personal practice has given me the gift of helping others use yogic tools to navigate their individual experiences. As a Clinical Yoga Therapy student, my approach is therapeutic in nature and tailored to you. Book a session for a one-time experience or work with me using a multi-session approach where we combine 1-1 guidance and homework to help find what lights you up.

I accept clients in person and virtually, as well as on a 1-1 or semi-private basis.

Mindful Movement at Work or University
Are you looking for an opportunity to bring movement and breath to your employees or students? We know the benefits of mindfulness on the body and mind, so why not bring it into the workplace or university? I’m currently taking clients both onsite and virtually. I work on your turf (or server), your time, and with whatever resources you have available.