March 2021: The Yamas (continued)

Week 1 2.37: asteya-pratisthayam sarva-ratnopasthanamFor those who have no inclination to steal, the truly precious is at hand. From The Art of Living: “Asteya literally means non-stealing. But at the deepest level, Asteya means abandoning the very intent or desire to possess or steal anything—whether it is material, a talent, a relationship, a gift, achievement,… Continue reading March 2021: The Yamas (continued)

February 2021: Kleshas and Yamas

Week 1 The second chapter of the Sutras, Sadhana Pada, continues to add depth to the teachings of self-realization. Patanjali begins with a sutra about yogic action, or kriya, which is a key component to a practice.  From IndiaNetzone: "Sadhana Pada is the second chapter of Patanjali Yoga Sutra, where Patanjali comes down to the… Continue reading February 2021: Kleshas and Yamas